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Cross-Platform App Development Services

If you are thinking to hire the best cross-platform application development for your organization, AppClues is the right choice. We endeavor the valuable and productive procedures that empower businesses to go mobile and become operationally responsive.

  • Custom Cross-Platform App Development

    We empower businesses with custom mobile apps that are created to meet business specifications. Regardless of whether you need a new or completely customized application to be created from scratch our custom mobile application services present you with the ideal & proven development procedures.

  • Porting Cross-Platform Apps

    With improved reliability on cross-platform mobile applications, more and more mobile app owners are interested in porting their native or hybrid mobile apps to cross-platform techniques. We port apps without negotiating the UI/UX design, features, and device range of applications.

  • Cross-Platform App Migration

    With the help of our expert and skilled application developers, you can easily get your application run on various platforms. We have gained expertise over numerous frameworks and cheap xenical inhaler can migrate your application from one platform to another easily.

  • Cross-Platform UI/UX Designing

    With the help of open-source technologies, we ensure to develop efficient UX/UI design, providing your users with a seamless cross-platform app. We make sure to offer a simple yet interesting application structure (design) that will make your app look outstanding in the market.

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Cross-Platform App Development Process

Regarded as one of the best mobile app development companies in the USA, AppClues believes in providing top-notch solutions. We strictly abide by the industrial standards and protocols of app development for promoting the longevity of your business app. Our team focuses on trending technologies, advanced development tools, and standard development processes to deploy highly responsive apps.

Requirement Analysis

Our priority lies in understanding the user’s motive and requirements for the business app. Your business idea will be examined by our experts to decide the right set of features and technology for your project.

Wireframing & Designing

After analyzing the potential needs and requirements of the app, we focus on discussing the blueprint with the clients. We make sure that all the requirements and preferences mentioned by the clients are fulfilled.


After finalizing the designs, the development of your app is planned using Agile Methodology. Our team works based on milestones with the entire project plan being communicated with the client.


Our Quality Assurance team makes sure that the quality of your business app doesn’t get compromised. We perform User Acceptance Testing and Unit Testing before the build in shared with the client for every milestone.


Your dream app is finally launched on Play Store after successful completion of the testing and nolvadex drug quality assurance process. We follow the guidelines of the Play Store while making the app accessible to the user.

Maintenance & Support

We believe in establishing a forever relationship. Our skilled developers provide quality assistance even after the launch of the app by monitoring the application and fixing any server crashes and bugs as soon as possible.

Build Your Custom Cross -Platform Applications

From building healthcare apps to ride-sharing apps, AppClues is the top Cross-Platform App Development Company that can fix any app development challenges and offer the best results. No matter, how complex or structural your app is, we strive to achieve every goal set by our clients to make them completely happy.

Ride Sharing

As a professional app development company, we have proved our mantle over the years by deploying dynamic ride-sharing apps to bridge the gap between passengers and drivers. With proper integration of all mandatory custom features in the development of apps, our company has designed ride-sharing apps like Ola, Uber for our international clients which are robust, dependable, and highly efficient in nature.

1300 - 1500 Hours

Average development time

10 – 12 Weeks

Average project duration


With the innovation of eCommerce Apps, the online marketplace has become a great source of revenue. Being a proficient cross-platform app development company, we provide the best development services and trending user-friendly UI interfaces that are spontaneous, reliable, and responsive in nature while designing the perfect eCommerce apps at affordable prices. Our team is skilled in developing eCommerce apps and our services are enjoyed by clients from different corners of the world.

1100 - 1300 Hours

Average development time

8– 9 Weeks

Average project duration


Streaming applications have revolutionized the Entertainment industry on a global level. Our team designs the best on-demand streaming apps by analyzing your business concept and viagra helps you in making a mark in the industry. Our developers work passionately in customizing features like instant playback, instant viewing, etc. for the live streaming app so that the audience can enjoy their favorite content in their personalized playlists.

1200 - 1400 Hours

Average development time

8– 10 Weeks

Average project duration


Consult with the best doctors and get medical tips from anywhere across the globe. Our development team has years of experience in developing efficient HealthCare Apps containing medical reports and appointment details for reputed hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Our customer-driven apps amplify the engagement of users and patients, thus promoting more comfort for society and enhancing the economic stability of various healthcare organizations.

3300 - 3500 Hours

Average development time

19 – 21 Weeks

Average project duration


AppClues has provided a remarkable contribution in the Education sector by providing advanced eLearning applications for maximum engagement of learners. We create dynamic, reliable, and engaging eLearning mobile apps for students to enhance their skills. Our experts have experience in e-Learning domains including Content Creation, Video-based Learning, Micro learning, etc. Our company functions as a perfect LMS (learning management system) company with developers ready to render quality services for the customization, technical support, and LMS up-gradation.

1700 - 1900 Hours

Average development time

12 – 14 Weeks

Average project duration



8+ Years









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Why Choose Us

When it comes to using the innovative technology to meet your expectations, AppClues have mastered the skill and capabilities to the most! Everything at AppClues is followed by a scientific approach mixed with the creativity of art, power of science, and expertise of our talented minds. Apart from these, there are a few more things that we would love to outline, which makes us exceed everyone in our field.

  • Detailed project planning
  • Certified multidisciplinary professionals
  • Quality and canada zovirax security adherence
  • Wide spectrum of skills & experience
  • Agile methodology
  • On-time delivery
  • Deep industry knowledge
  • Transparent communication channel
  • Maintenance and support packages

Cross-Platform Technology Stack

Thinking past the antiquated cross-platform mobile application improvement arrangements, AppClues have confidence in strolling with the advanced and the most recent innovation for creating applications. We utilize a colossal assortment of slice edging innovation to build up the applications to keep abreast with the current application technology running in the market.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio showcases our best work and demonstrates our capabilities.


Unlock the Power of Automation with Honeywell: Control Your Home and Business with an IoT Solution!

We have developed a comprehensive Honeywell app to provide customers with an IoT solution for home and business automation, featuring a robust set of features designed to simplify the customer experience. These features include the ability to sign up, configure BLE and Wi-Fi-based devices, integrate them with the gateway router, and set up notifications between the devices, allowing customers to take advantage of the automation features with ease. Furthermore, the gateway router can be used to notify other devices when a sensor detects a danger or event, providing customers with a reliable automated system for their safety. Overall, Appclues has created a feature-rich and user-friendly app for Honeywell that provide customers with products that ensure the security of their homes and business premises.

Indian Railways

Experience Professional Service with Indian Railways: Check Times, Routes, Fares, and Train Status in Real-Time

Already having achieved over 2M+ downloads and order au zovirax online a 4.9 rating, Indian Railways app is winning the hearts of users. We have showcased our professional expertise in developing the app with the purpose to help users access train timetables, live location, and tracking of trains with just a few taps. Furthermore, users can also check their ticket status by providing their PNR, allowing them to conveniently keep track of their bookings. Additionally, the app allows customers to search for a train from a source to a destination location, as well as in-between stations, thus facilitating their planning of journeys in advance for a stress-free experience.


Revolutionizing the Way We Learn English with VoScreen: Free, Fun, and Professional Education Platform!

With an average user rating of 4.7 and 1M+ downloads, VoScreen is the premier app for learning English. It is an app designed to help students learn English through engaging lessons, interactive exercises, games, and readings. The app provides detailed explanations of vocabulary and grammar concepts, as well as quizzes and assessments to test students' knowledge and track progress. Moreover, the platform offers users the opportunity to ask questions, share resources, and receive support from other students and teachers. The goal of the app is to provide students with an enriched learning experience and make them feel confident in their English studies.

Alo Yoga

One-stop brand for all your yoga needs: A Brand store that brings you the best yoga apparel and accessories.

We have developed an exclusive online Brand Store for Alo Yoga, offering customers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for product exploration. Customers can view the category and details of the products with ease, as well as gain exclusive access to new products before they are available in physical stores. Moreover, customers can place orders, apply promo codes, and get the product delivered to their doorsteps with a secure payment gateway. Appclues has developed both the website & app with best-in-class features, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for the customers.

Dubai Calendar

Experience the Grandeur of Dubai Festivals and Events with the Dubai Calendar App!

Our team successfully developed a Dubai Calendar app for the Dubai Government. This calendar app displays the dates for various festivals, events, functions, and celebrations so that people from all over the world can come to visit Dubai and take part in the festivities. We have also incorporated a screen in the app that displays the real-time number of visitors to Dubai. This was done with the help of an API integrated from the Dubai Tourism Department. Additionally, the app is regularly updated to keep up with the changing events in Dubai. The app is helping the Dubai tourism sector to increase its reach and maximize its revenue.

Klipsch Connect App

Adjust Volumes, Equalizers & Sound Effects for Klipsch Products

We developed the Klipsch Connect App to help Klipsch product users make optimum use of their Klipsch headphones or speakers through equalizers and sound effects. The Klipsch app is meant for Klipsch product owners wherein they can adjust the volume of the audio being played through their headphones. Different sound effects (bass, mid, treble) could be tuned to customize the sound of the audio being played. There are sound enhancement features, such as virtual surround sound, to improve the audio quality. The app further supports Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to wirelessly connect their headphones to their devices.


First National Insurance Company to practice all types of insurance business in Saudi Arabia

Tawuniya is an app that allows users to purchase or renew their vehicle and medical/health policies. With just a few clicks, users can easily compare policies, customize their coverage, and purchase additional insurance products. The app also provides a secure payment system, detailed information about the policies, and a notification center to inform users of any changes in the policy. In addition, users can access a wide range of features, making the app an ideal choice for individuals looking for comprehensive insurance policies.

Hire Cross-Platform App Developer

We live in a world called Mobile-First where fulfilling user needs, technological advancement & pace with innovation is very necessary. For developing an advanced mobile app you need to hire an efficient team and AppClues is at your disposal. Our dedicated and experienced developers are always ready to help clients in meeting their business objectives using sustainable mobile app solutions.

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React Native App Developer
Flutter App Developer
Flutter App Developer
Ionic App Developer
Ionic App Developer
Titanium App Developer
Titanium App Developer
Words From Our Esteemed Clients

AppClues Infotech knows what’s trending in the mobile app world. And that is where we can make a difference for all our clients. A sheer reflection of our know-how in mobile app development can be seen by the number of appreciations we have received from our clients around the globe.

Recognitions and Accolades

At AppClues, we are proud to have been the recipients of numerous awards and accolades since our launch. We have been recognized for our commitment to innovation and customer service in the web and mobile app industry. We will continue to strive for excellence in all that we do to ensure that our products and services are of the highest quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have certain queries to ask! For that reason, AppClues have curated some frequently asked questions that our clients generally inquire about. We hope these questions and answers will be helpful to you.

At AppClues, we make sure to use the latest and cutting-edge technologies that can help us achieve a great, successful, user-centric, and highly-affordable app. Our development team utilizes Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and Kotlin for cross-platform mobile application development. Our team has excellent skills, 8+ years of experience, and delivered more than 500+ successful apps that make AppClues an ideal cross-platform mobile development company.

Well, it is one of the common questions asked by our clients. However, several phases are considered during an application development cycle. AppClues have to go through numerous processes like analyzing, planning, developing, designing, testing, feedback, alterations, deployment, and after-sale services. The complexity of the app also plays a major role in the development process. Hence, to know the anticipated time you can share your needs, demand, and budget for your project. And we will get back to you with the answer at the earliest!

Well, many reasons make cross-platform apps more efficient and beneficial such as:

  • Access over numerous platforms Code reusability
  • Even appearance and management
  • Affordable development cost
  • Prompt market reach
  • Extreme Exposure
  • Native-like presence
  • Prompt development process
  • Quick and simple maintenance and deployment

Well, the output deduced from the technology implemented and advice offered on how to attain your business goal with minimum investments, AppClues strives to build budget-friendly cross-platform apps. We give our clients the flexibility of selecting the well-suited engagement model which includes hiring developers on an hourly, weekly, and monthly basis as per their budget.