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Java App Development Services

AppClues Infotech offers masterful Java-based Android app development services to clients at competitive costs. Our experienced team of developers can help create an android app with Java as per your requirements. Our developers build your Android app from the ground up, offering full-cycle development expertise for your Java Mobile App Development.

Custom Java Android App Development

We specialize in building custom Android apps using Java according to your exact specifications. Our elite Android developers have experience in producing apps for all sorts of platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, TV, smart devices, wearable tech, and more with hand-written native code, unlike most custom app development services that rely on templates.

Java Web-based Applications

At AppClues, we have experience in rolling out highly functional and scalable Java-based Android web apps. Our developers generally consider J2SE to build web applications. We use Java technologies to build engaging and secure web applications. Our Java experts find the best-fit technology stack and build Java-based solutions that match your business goals.

Java Android Game Development

The Android games market is a booming one. So, if you want your mobile game idea to stand out in the crowd and enjoy massive popularity on the Play Store, then you have come to the right place. Our developers can help elevate your game idea, and make it more interactive and engaging with Android Play SDK for better user control, in-game physics, in-game actions, Leader boards, and more.

Java Android App UI/UX Design

The UI/UX of an Android app is critical to its success. At our enterprise, when we create an Android app with Java, we pour our expertise to carve out a user-centric design that will resonate with your audience for versions to come. Our app design services are tuned to optimize your user experience, helping convert your target demographic into definite revenue streams.

Java App Migrations and Platform Porting

AppClues Infotech can help carry your legacy Android apps and optimize them for execution on newer devices. Given the pace at which technology evolves, sooner than later Android app owners need to consider updating their apps for functionality on newer versions of Android. We audit your existing app code for new ways to realize its full potential and expand its functions.

QA Testing, Maintenance & Support of Java Android Apps

Harness the true power of the Android SDK. Our app development experts perform rigorous tests on your app to ensure code is running flawlessly. We make sure that your apps are performing and evolving with time by offering pre and post-deployment maintenance assistance. We offer 24/7 help to troubleshoot issues and offer complete guidance whenever required.

Benefits of Java for App Development

As one of the top Java Application Development Services in USA, we find ourselves responsible for helping clients understand the pros and cons of the technologies we use. In this regard, Java has a wealth of developmental perks that can offer your app a competitive advantage over other apps in the Play Store:

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  • Strong Expertise in Android App Development

    Our developers have superb prowess over the Android NDK, Google Cast SDK, Game Manager API, and more to develop system utility, media-streaming, file sharing, gaming, social media apps, and other utility apps.

  • Latest Android App Development Frameworks

    Regardless of whether you need an enterprise Android software or a commercial Android application, our skillful Android development team uses the latest frameworks like Ionic, React Native, Native Android, and other frameworks to build your application.

Why choose AppClues Infotech for Java App Development?

We as a team are committed to build strong technical solutions and help client’s business to grow through our design, development, and consultation services.

Here are some of the innumerable qualities that distinguish us as a best Android application development company:

  • Assisted Google Play Store Deployment

    Our comprehensive Android app service helps clients to launch their apps on the Google Play Store. Our specialists will handhold you through the app deployment process, and help in drafting listing descriptions and other assets to reach your target demographic.

  • Strong Post-Deployment Maintenance and Support

    We provide post-deployment support for updates based on app usage, app analytics based on user geo-location, and App Store analytics. Our developers are readily available to support you with queries, troubleshooting issues, & conducting breakdown maintenance.

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Hiring a dedicated & expert developer from a recognized web and mobile app development company like AppClues ensures that your work is being carried professionally, on time, and in the best possible way. From mobile app development to Blockchain development, our developers will cater to all your project development needs.

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Other Mobile Technologies We Offer

AppClues Infotech’s development team is a master of interdisciplinary technologies. We have experience in app development for different programming verticals. Besides Java App Development, we provide mobile technology services in several technological disciplines. Our development services include:

Industries We Serve

Our app developers can build various cross-platform mobile apps for different (niches) industry verticals. Here are some of the industries for which we offer our mobile app development:

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AppClues Infotech knows what’s trending in the mobile app world. And that is where we can make a difference for all our clients. A sheer reflection of our know-how in mobile app development can be seen by the number of appreciations we have received from our clients around the globe.

Our Awards

Today, AppClues Infotech has emerged as one of the leading tech companies in the field of Mobile App Development. We have been felicitated and awarded by prestigious organizations on several auspicious occasions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have certain queries to ask! For that reason, AppClues have curated some frequently asked questions that our clients generally inquire about. We hope these questions and answers will be helpful to you.

The Apple iOS restricts your apps to Apple hardware. Android, on the other hand, gives you a free run over devices from numerous manufacturers, as long as they use Android, catering to a wider cross-section of your target market. Android allows developers an easy integration of services like haptic feedback, fingerprint reading, camera, storage and device permissions, retina scanner, and in-app payments with the Android Pay API for ‘webtail’ operations. Thus, Java is a more stable & congruous programming language for Android app development.

Java is a programming language that has been around for decades, finding usage in application development, web development, and even responsive hardware tech. To put it into layman’s terms, Java offers a much more straightforward coding language or syntax, resulting in highly functional but small apps. Java, being an open-source language, already has readymade APIs like the Android Support Library, Android X, Architecture components, AndroidX Test for fast-paced app development. On the other hand, Kotlin language is still young and with limited resources, so finding answers to problems can be tedious and difficult.

You can program a number of the core app functionalities when you create an Android app with Java. The Android architecture API can be manipulated with Java, allowing developers to have a greater extent of control over UI components and their lifecycle, data persistence, and more with the standard Model-View-Controller approach of Java programming. The Android support library and other APIs oversee the security, connectivity, telephony, media, and storage features of your app.

Our developers can directly suggest the best 3rd party frameworks to rely on for your app. Initially, you can look up the benefits of the Ionic framework used for apps in the hospitality, telemedicine, travel industry, and more. You may also benefit from the React Native framework which is the obvious choice for custom applications of any kind and is actually used in social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. The Native Android framework is more suggestible for apps requiring Legacy Android migration.