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Kotlin App Development Service Provider - AppClues Infotech at your disposal. We bring revolutionizing app development technology to develop future-ready and inspiring Android applications. Using Kotlin programming language, we deliver apps in less time with improved readability of code.

We offer:

Custom Android App Development

Now you can experience truly stress-free, custom Android app development with AppClues Infotech’s Kotlin app development services. We develop custom utility apps, business enterprise apps, IoT, social media, games, file-sharing apps, and even AR/VR apps with Kotlin for Android. We develop your apps as per your customized requirements with a clean, optimized, & bug-free code.

Kotlin AR/VR App Development

Developing Android applications with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality functions is a prime requirement for a lot of businesses today. Our elite Android application developers develop highly functional and responsive AR apps with ARCore and Kotlin. Our AR/VR developers can augment the real world with information, 3D objects, or anything else!

Kotlin App UI/UX Design

Our design team specializes in churning out top-notch UI/UX designs for Android applications made with Kotlin. Our design team works in synergy with you to wireframe your application interfaces, making them pop on the latest Android versions. Try our services if you want to race past the competition on the Play Store and get your app ranked for a satisfying UX.

Kotlin App QA & Testing- code Optimization

Your Android app is a representation of your service and we ensure it performs stably and responsively. When AppClues developers create Android apps with Kotlin code for you, they pass the app through rigorous Quality Assurance tests prior to live deployment. We can also inspect your existing Kotlin app code and optimize it for better functionality, performance, and future-ready features.

Kotlin App Migrations

We help clients migrate their existing app code to Kotlin programming language for better service rendering on Android with low instances of application crashes. Migrating your code to Kotlin gets easier when your existing code is written in Java or even C++; however, our developers have prior experience in converting app codes written even in non-compatible languages to Kotlin.

Kotlin App Maintenance and Upgrades

We strive to ensure that your app is able to successfully engage 100% of its customers. We upgrade and conduct maintenance for your app code, integrate new features, and improve logic flows where we can. In case, you need any tailor-made changes to your existing Kotlin app or want to upgrade your app, we do it all in-house to keep your Android applications free from glitches.

Benefits of Kotlin for Android App Development

At AppClues Infotech, we believe in approaching even the most complex code requirements with simplicity. Since Kotlin makes Android code development efficient and flawless, we recommend Kotlin to clients with their app performance in mind.

There are several merits of choosing Kotlin for Android app development:

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  • Creative, Intuitive Kotlin App Development

    AppClues Infotech is one of the most trusted Kotlin Application Development Service Provider in the USA. We specialize in tailoring creative and intuitive solutions unique to every client’s Native or Hybrid Android app requirement, be it an individual, a start-up, or an enterprise.

  • Stable Kotlin App Development

    The collective experience of our developers helps in adopting a predictive programming approach; making us suggest the most efficient tech stacks, frameworks, and code practices for a stable app that never crashes. With our Kotlin knowledge, we code less, create more!

Why choose AppClues Infotech for Kotlin App Development?

AppClues Infotech’s developers have been familiarized with the Android app development cycle for good. We have catered to a diverse variety of apps for clients from various sectors that we can even recommend ways to fine-tune your app and make it resilient and innovative.

  • Transparent App Development Service

    We promise to perform due diligence by clients’ requirements and offer them a transparent glimpse into the development process of their apps. It helps us solemnize our service against any hidden costs that the client may be wary of and shows them if they are getting their time and money’s worth.

  • Future-proof Kotlin App

    Once your app requirement is on our table, we ensure to use the best frameworks, IDEs, and API libraries at our disposal to write a clean & precise app code for you that integrates in-demand functions and integrations.

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Other Mobile Technologies We Offer

AppClues Infotech’s development team is a master of interdisciplinary technologies. We have experience in app development for different programming verticals. Besides Kotlin app development, we provide mobile technology services in several technological disciplines. Our development services include:

Industries We Serve

Our app developers can build various cross-platform mobile apps for different (niches) industry verticals. Here are some of the industries for which we offer our mobile app development:

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AppClues Infotech knows what’s trending in the mobile app world. And that is where we can make a difference for all our clients. A sheer reflection of our know-how in mobile app development can be seen by the number of appreciations we have received from our clients around the globe.

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Today, AppClues Infotech has emerged as one of the leading tech companies in the field of Mobile App Development. We have been felicitated and awarded by prestigious organizations on several auspicious occasions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have certain queries to ask! For that reason, AppClues have curated some frequently asked questions that our clients generally inquire about. We hope these questions and answers will be helpful to you.

You do not have to necessarily convert your app code from Java to Kotlin. Java is still one of the most trusted programming languages. But, Kotlin is recognized by Google as the official language for Android development which means a better scope of support. Plus, Kotlin code is concise and English-friendly which means it’s easier to read and modify. Lastly, Kotlin handles errors better as it does not allow raw types and null pointers. So, migration is not mandatory but certainly advisable.

Kotlin’s similarity with Java syntax and programming logic makes it the most obvious successor for Android programming. Developers have realized Kotlin’s error-free compilation and type-free parsing are boons for writing complex and sophisticated app code. Google’s endorsement has given access to a lot of Kotlin app development support in its IDE which makes code development, interoperability and to and fro conversion between Java and Kotlin easy.

Kotlin is fully supported by Android Studio 3.0 and its succeeding versions. For Kotlin mobile app development, developers have a one-touch option to enable Kotlin support in the Android Studio IDE, when they start a new project. Previously, Kotlin's support was achieved with a namesake plugin for Android Studio. Creating, debugging, editing, updating, and converting code from Kotlin to Java or from any other language to Kotlin is now easier with the in-built Kotlin coding tools in the IDE.

Kotlin is known to impact app performance positively, in comparison to apps written in Java or C++. Kotlin’s interoperability and ready availability of existing Java frameworks and libraries make it easy to write program modules without repeating code. Lesser code redundancy along with lesser scope for errors/better error handling equals a more stable app build than granted by any other Android programming languages. So, yes, Kotlin does have a positive impact on app performance.