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How Much Does It Cost To Create An On-Demand Mobile App?

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On-demand app development is an on-going trend because the tocogames.com zithromax increase in the number of mobile users has increased the demand for custom on-demand app development across the world. Almost 88% of the people around the world are using mobile phones regularly. Several statistical reports say that people are adapting to technology and mattphilipsevents.com priligy expecting more unique things to be added to the mobile apps they use.

If you have enough developers who are skilled in developing mobile apps in various platforms using multiple programs, then you can begin an on-demand app development company. Many investors look forward to investing in creative on-demand app development services, and companies that are into manufacturing of products or services, definitely create a mobile app for promoting their business online.

This blog brings you the price nolvadex online information in detail about features of on-demand app development and the cost involved to create an on-demand mobile app. The information provided in this blog is for both developers and on-demand app development companies who are looking for positive information about mobile app development.

Why On-demand Mobile Apps?

The best answer to this question would be an eCommerce mobile app that features a plethora of categories of products used by the public. With an on-demand mobile app, you can improve your business revenue online to a large extent. Not only in products, but on-demand mobile apps cater to different services of industries such as hospitals, fitness, entertainment, education, and more. So this clearly explains why every business should have an on-demand mobile app as a mandate.

What Factors Determine the Cost of An On-demand Mobile App?

The cost of an on-demand mobile app depends on the complexity of features that it is built with. It involves the number of hours you take for user interface design and user interface experience, the number of hours for platform development you choose, and the number of hours you take to create backend servers over the hourly rate of developers. But again, this cannot be determined during the assureworldwide.com zithromax beginning of on-demand mobile app development.

Factors Determine the Cost of An On-demand Mobile App

1) User profile

This is the basic feature that every mobile app should contain. The cost in this feature includes options such as registration and login via email, registration, and login via social network, personal profile, and access to service provider’s information, inviting friends, and notifications. User profile creation is a simple task and incurs an approximate cost of $3,000.

2) Market Place

This feature provides a list of service providers or products that you can order. It also provides previous buying experience and reviews of other customers that allow new customers to buy products. The market place is the promotional part of your vendors in the app. This is quite a complicated one because it combines two sides both consumers and buy proscar without a prescription service providers and the cost includes a list of service providers or products, product description, map integration of available products and search and filters, favorites. The cost incurred for developing this feature will be approximately $11,000, but you do not have a choice.

3) Map

Not all on-demand apps may have the map feature, but it still exists in some places. To create this feature, it includes cost objectives to display the delivery in real-time and interactive map screen and option to move on to order details from the page you are on. The average cost for developing the map functionality can be around $7,000, which is quite costly. Hence most apps do not provide this feature unless it is mandated for the app criteria.

4) Chat

This is quite an interesting and on-demand feature that every app should have because many may be comfortable to resolve or enquire about their product or service through chat by talking to chatbots or a real-time agent. The approximate cost to develop this feature would be $3,000 and the objectives would be providing basic chat with images without group chat and zithromax activeinstafollowers.com no fancy animation.

5) Cart

Cart is the compulsory feature for product-based mobile apps and should have the flexibility of accepting or canceling orders. Apart from the users of the product add in the carts, they should be able to see other products and add to their cart. This should cost up to $5,000 with order summary, the option to add or modify the address, modify payment details, and add-on facilities for cross-selling.

6) Order History and Details

Most users review their order history and details because they may get the need to re-order the previously purchased orders sometimes. So this feature should be provided in a mobile app as a good practice. Now, the approximate cost to develop this part would be around $6,000 and it includes a list of orders, order details, rating of service, redirection to the service provider’s profile.

7) Settings

This is again a necessary feature where users can change their email and password, and link their debit or credit card to the payment option. It even includes the app version, privacy policy, and terms of service. The average cost to develop this feature would be around $2,000 and it includes everything that is required under Settings.
Apart from the aforementioned factors, an on-demand mobile app development mainly depends on the user interface design and experience that includes a few of the factors provided previously.


On-demand app development is definitely a great investment in this trending market. The demand for online services is never going to come down because of who will say no to door-step service in their busy schedule. So do clear market research on what your buyer market is, and at the same time, understand what your service providers expect from you with respect to their business enhancement.

Create mobile apps that benefit users such as vendors, product or service buyers, and other marketers who promote your app. If you have any queries about on-demand mobile app development, feel free to call us or chat with our customer support executives to assist you in the process of app development.

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