As per the technology expert and owner of WhatsApp and Facebook almost 1 billion people use WhatsApp each day, this means that it is a good platform to promote your online business or blogs using WhatsApp.

After the rising of WhatsApp over SMS marketing, Facebook has a key strategy to make it worldwide and attract more users. There are several ways you can make use of WhatsApp to gain website traffic, as listed below:

1. Broadcast your blog or website and services using group messaging
You can create a list of potential readers who might be interested to read your content online or through WhatsApp messages by creating a group with niche topics, and by providing timely updates about your subject articles and short brief headlines.

2. Join the groups of other business related websites as yours
A good way to showcase your blog or a website is to join groups of other blogs or related business type. This way you can attract more audiences and benefit your traffic instantly in this tech-savvy generation.

3. Create a dynamic WhatsApp status and showcase your capabilities
Instead of creating a status message as ‘Hey there I am using WhatsApp’. A better status could be – please visit my website for all technology updates or you can also promote your blog. There is a large probability of attracting your connections and help you get more traffic.

4. WhatsApp share button as a tool to boost your website traffic
As with the case with Facebook, now we can add a share option on our platforms for WhatsApp, this helps generate more traffic as audiences are just a click away to share your content on your web platform and help you get more likes. It is very simple to add this feature and might just take you 5-10 minutes and may turn into an opportunity for the lifetime.

Written by Alex Moss the WhatsApp Share Button Plugin is a handy way to promote your website or a business venture. This plugin adds a WhatsApp share button to your blog posts which will appear on both Android and IOS devices.

Plugin Features:

  • Add WhatsApp share button above or below your posts
  • Google analytics tracking – The plugin also supports tracking the WhatsApp share button clicks using google analytics to known the geographic presence of your viewers.

5. With the growing popularity of WhatsApp, you can reach out to your audiences using the application for free

After the acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook for $19 billion last year due to WhatsApp’s growing popularity, businesses across industry verticals have been making effective use of the free instant messaging services to educate and promote their business ventures especially their websites and blogs. More than half a billion of the world’s population uses WhatsApp to connect to near and dear ones or make use of it for business purposes.

WhatsApp can be of good benefit to promote your blog or a website and generate more viewers to boost your sales or clicks per advertisements.