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Top 10 Mobile App Designs in 2021

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The smartphone has changed our lives in so many ways by switching from the buy viagra online uk traditional desktop experience. Today, people are using multiple apps for all their needs, whether it’s shopping, placing meal orders, booking a hotel, or getting navigation to unknown places. Over the years, these apps became an essential part of our daily routines by making things much easier easy for us.

Whether you are using Android or iOS, your app store contains millions of apps that will help you to improvise productivity, learn new stuff, maintain your health & lifestyle, watching videos, chatting with your friends and levgrossman.com cialis what not! All these apps are made up of creative user interface with thousands of lines of coding in the backend to perform specific predefined task or actions. If you compare smartphone apps with the last decade, you will see a huge difference, not just in UX layouts but also the way we were used to developing before.

Statistics show that almost 60% of the mobile app ends up not being downloaded from the store, among which 40% are only downloaded ones; just because they don’t have instinctive UX & UI interface that users are looking for! If your app isn’t powerful enough to serve a purpose or doesn’t have user-friendly features, your business will suffer. Because with the growing use of internet and technology users are demanding for high-quality apps with a creative designer look & feel with easy navigation and in-app animations.

Mobile App Design Trends that will help you to stand out in the market

So, if you are in the market and planning for your next app, here are the latest Mobile App Design Trends that will help you to stand out in the market.

  • Build for Bigger Screens

Have you remembered that old featured phone with a tiny screen? In which even if you play snacks mania you have to keep your phone close to your face. But gone those days, today’s new generations smartphone comes with the larger screen almost phablet-sized that allows you to have bigger screen User Experience. Because creating large-screen 18:9 or 16:9 apps will enable you to have more extensive space compare typical 4:3 screen ratio to display more elements in one screen.

  • Use Different Gradients

App Ux designing trends have drastically changed over the glucophage drugs years. If you have seen classic color UX app layouts made up of standards colors that aren’t enough to grab attention while today’s tasteful gradients serve excellent user experience with its popping colors. In the era of flat designs, gradients are making a comeback with its multi-tone effects to draw the attention of anyone.


  • Swiping Gestures

Swiping Gestures

Smartphones are designed to make things happen at just tap of the finger by reducing button and utilizing the available screen space. Over the years, the UX app development company has developed such apps that perform specific actions whenever the user performs predefined swipe patterns. Even, if you take a look at Android 9.0, they have added more swiping gestures to replace three physical bottom buttons, which is a much engaging feature compared to traditional user experience. That’s why adding such Gestures based action makes it easy for your users to navigate within the app.

  • Voice Assistants

Everyone is familiar with Alexa & Google assistant that is growing over the last certain years. It allows the user to get an answer to their queries or performs specific actions without touching their phone just using voice. Still, it’s not yet convenient for users, but we know one-day people will perform such voice actions to save their time and efforts. So, integrating such Voice Assistants in your app helps you to develop future proof UX app. Also, this feature makes your app stand out in the competition.

  • Use Calm Colors:

There is science behind colors if you have familiar with color theory. Remember that Windows XP wallpaper with green hill along with blue sky? Because it is calm and produces less eye strains on more prolonged use of your app. So, make sure that your app has such calm, pastel colors it will look appealing.

  • Variable fonts

Traditional typeface fonts are static entities that have a minimal set of flexibility & adjustments. But now you have an option to use variable fonts wherein a single piece of a file you will get an infinite number of letter weight and soleden.in proscar width adjustments. This kind of font technology was developed by Adobe, Apple, Google, and Microsoft back in 2016. So, make sure you are using it in your next Ux app development.


  • Keep it Simple & Minimal

Instead of adding more high-end graphics & media to your app will make it difficult to load on a slow internet connection. Instead, keep your app simple and minimal graphics attracts more people with clearcut interfaces says Envato.

  • UX over UI:

With different app style & design interface, it becomes crucial for the app development company to build such apps that have creative graphics with crispy interactions that deliver a good user experience to your user. Because if your app serves poor user interface, no one will download it and it puts a bad impression on your business or brand too. That’s the reason why app development companies are working a different kind of preloaders, charts, buttons, tabs, and scrolling animations to make it more engaging.

  • AR/VR (Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality) Focus

When VR was launched back in 2012, no one knew that it will become so widespread. Same applied to AR; Nintendo didn’t expect that his Pokemon GO app will unlock the door to its success. Although both AR & VR is still in its initial stage of development, it seems that both VR and AR will manage to capture the attention of broader masses.

  • App Readability:

Make sure that your app has a clean & minimal UX interface because filling your app with tones of graphics will reduce your app readability. To maintain readability, you can go for minimal flat designs or use gradient-based UX interface. It will help you to maintain user engagement with its cool calm colors.

The trend is changed now, where you don’t have to write content to explain stuff. These top app development companies in USA are making use of illustrations that will help you to illustrate the functionalities and features of any app. Many app developers are using storytelling technique along with the use of meaningful videos and images in the app with different human-like characters.

So, these are the Top 10 Mobile App UX Designing Trends in 2020 that will help you to fulfill the latest UX / UI user needs. You can keep experimenting with different color, style & transitions by ensuring that implemented things are natural & comfortable for a human to use & navigate within the app.

Let us know what you think about Latest App Trends by commenting below.

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