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Top 5 Android Application Development Companies in USA

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With the huge popularity of smartphones in our everyday lives, technology is improving. Some new techniques and wholesale viagra online options are making life simpler. Businesses at first needed to showcase their online presence. This is possible in the form of a website. And it is still very much important. In the case of acquiring the attention of the audience, one of the best ways is through mobile apps.

One of the most user-friendly OS has been android. Businesses too tend to involve in the process of android app development. Statistics stated that nearly Android covered nearly 80% of smartphone sales globally. This occurred at the beginning of 2018. By the end of 2020, the percentage might rise to 85%.

Why are Businesses opting for Android App Development?

Android application development is beneficial for both sides of the coin. One of the simplest logic is that Android OS is not restricted to any amount. Both iOS and Android have outstanding app stores.

In terms of new factors, price is a big thing that needs to be taken into consideration. Android is extremely user-friendly for almost everyone. It is quite superior at organizing apps directly to Homescreen. You can also hide less useful apps. Not only this, Android’s widgets are more useful than Apple’s.

As you already know, more than 80% of smartphone users uses Android OS globally. And the reason has already been stated. The advantage of delving into Android app development is that you will reach out to more audience. Development of a mobile app helps to boost sales and traffic. Not only this, it offers you improved ROI. Businesses of any size or type need to understand the basic factors needed for the development of the mobile application.
Speaking of the same, we already know that on a global scale there are several Android users.

Top 5 Leading Android App Development Company in USA

If you are a business looking for the best Android Application Development Company, here are the top 5 to choose from.

  1. AppClues Infotech
  2. WebClues Infotech
  3. AppClues Studio
  4. WebClues Global
  5. Data EximIT

1. AppClues Infotech

AppClues Infotech is one of the best Android App development company in USA. The main aspect of their service is Innovation and Client Satisfaction. They have associated with the certified experts who are well knowledgeable in their respective department.

They are there to understand your requirement and conduct step by step process. The company will offer you top-notch Android app development services. This will be followed by the guidelines and updated practices for impeccable results. It is not just restricted to curate the development process. Rather the company presents you with the idea, provide you with the layout, design, develop, test and finally launch.

  • Services Line:- UI/UX Designing, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Flutter App Development, React Native App Development, Ionic App development, App Store Optimization.
  • Founded Year:- 2014
  • Headquarters:- New York USA
  • Hourly Cost:- $15-$49
  • Website:- https://www.appcluesinfotech.com/

Client Review: Much appreciated for your hard and great quality work. You had given part of good proposals to enhance my online Business. Great correspondence and generic eriacta 50mg innertransformations.com simple to work.- GIGI (CEO) 

2. WebClues Infotech

Another leading android mobile app development company is WebClues Infotech. Completing more than 950 projects globally, WebClues Infotech is serving the best. The company offer you a user-friendly solution which is extremely cost-effective. The dedicated team of professionals make use of the latest technologies for Android app development.

WebClues Infotech

Ensured customer satisfaction, the team develops apps as per the current market trends and technology. With enhanced user-interface, they also offer you post-sales support. Apart from the same, after the development, they offer timely updated. Regardless of the size of type of business, you are entitled to top-notch support and service.

  • Services Line:- Mobile App Development, Web Development, CMS & E-commerce, UX/UI Design, Latest Technology, Marketing.
  • Founded Year:- 2014
  • Headquarters:- USA, India, Canada, UK & UAE
  • Hourly Cost:- $15-$49
  • Website:- https://www.webcluesinfotech.com/

Client Review: They do a fantastic job when it comes to create top-class Web or Mobile solution. They stick to their core values, and strive for perfection.– BEN (Founder & CEO) 

3. AppClues Studio

If you are looking for associated with an Android app development company in USA, AppClues Studio is another option. AppClues Studio offers interactive visually attractive mobile apps that are sure to lure the audience. With the implementation of unique and extraordinary design, your app will touch the success peak.

AppClues Studio

The experts are there to understand your needs and deliver you a customized solution for your Android app. The application is going to be intuitive and convenient, meeting the customer’s needs. Not only this, with the step by step process, they will offer you on-time delivery of the project. Their process is commendable. Commences from strategy, implementation of outstanding UI Design, develop, launch, marketing and maintenance.

  • Services Line:- UI/UX Designing, Mobile App Development, E-commerce Development,  Marketing.
  • Founded Year:- 2014
  • Headquarters:- USA
  • Hourly Cost:- $15-$49
  • Website:- https://appcluesstudio.com/

Client Review: We’ve been working with AppClues Studio from a long time now. They have a great team of expert mobile apps developer.– Xristos (Business Owner)

4. WebClues Global

Transforming ideas into reality, WebClues Global offer you impeccable android application development services. Regardless of the size or type of business, they offer you a customized solution. Experts implement an innovative solution that will help in improved ROI.

Apart from the same, they make use of the updated trends and technology for the development of a mobile app. WebClues Global provides a myriad of mobile enterprise solutions to stay tough in the competition. They have also delivered an impeccable Android application on Play Store.

  • Services Line:- Mobile App Development, Web Development, CMS & E-commerce, UX/UI Design, Latest Technology, Marketing, AR/VR.
  • Founded Year:- 2014
  • Headquarters:- USA & India
  • Hourly Cost:- $15-$49
  • Website:- https://www.webcluesglobal.com/

Client Review: WebClues successfully completed the project. Their proactive approach to the project helped them overcome the complex and usa online eriacta difficult elements. Despite a slow start, the team worked quickly, communicated consistently, and showed an active interest in the success of the website.– Kiran Singh 

5. Data EximIT

Data EximIT offers top-notch Android app development solutions. They help businesses to achieve a competitive edge over the industrial market. Ensuring quality and customer satisfaction, they offer on-time delivery of the project. Apart from the same, quality support and assistance are offered.

Data Eximit

They offer step by step assistance for the development of the application. They will understand the requirement of their people. Curate the development process, implement the strategies and objectives and finally process the features for launching. It is not just restrictive to Android app development but also offers a myriad of IT solutions.

  • Services Line:- Mobile App Development, Web Development, CMS & E-commerce, UX/UI Design, Latest Technology, Marketing, AR/VR.
  • Founded Year:- 2014
  • Headquarters:- USA & India
  • Hourly Cost:- $15-$49
  • Website:- https://www.dataeximit.com/


You must have a consultation process before delving right into the development process. Both sides need to understand the process for an exemplary result. The experts of the certified mobile app development company in USA will offer you with the best solutions. This will let you have a clear idea for the development process of your Android application. Implement what is necessary and will be profitable for you.

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