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Top Quick Changes that Improve the buy canada priligy bamadocks.com Performance of a React Native App

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In the past few years, there were errors found by the app developers on the React Native GitHub page.

According to the Google report, nearly 53% of the visitors close an app or a website if the load time is delayed. This indicates that even if your app’s load time delays by a single second, you lose a client.

This article will focus on the tips that would help you enhance the speed of your React Native app. In this article, you will get to know the nolvadex beckylououtdoors.com issue faced by most developers during a React Native App Development project. Also, you will learn about the solutions to the respective problems.

Even the best react native app development services USA, believe that developing React Native is not a difficult task anymore. When it comes to React Native App Development, it makes use of JavaScript and kamagra usa price interacts with all the native elements via a bridge.

Tips to Improve the Performance of React Native App

Here you will come to know about the problems affecting the speed of the app and solutions to each of them

  • Issues with Image Size
  • Memory Issues
  • JSON Data Optimization
  • Huge App Sizes
  • Frozen UI Issues
  • Using Maps

1) Issues with Image Size

Images use a lot of memory in the React Native apps. Still, optimizing images is necessary for boosting app performance. So, you need to consider this factor during the React Native App Development process.

How to resolve the image size issue?

Here are some solutions to resolve problems related to high memory usage that occurs due to the images

  • Compressed the size of the images

You can optimize the images and it is easy. It is essential to maximize the performance of the app. The image size, format, resolution can be optimized to boost the app performance.

Compressed the Size of the Images

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Eliminate the image metadata.
  2. For all SVG image utilize GZip compression
  3. Decrease the total number of images
  4. Resize images to allow it fit in the appropriate screen size.
  • Convert images in WebP

Using the WebP format in your React Native App Development process is helpful. It lets you cut down the load time of a particular image by approximately 28%. The React Native Mobile app development Company USA also utilize WebP format to decrease the size of the CodePush bundle by nearly 66%. Also, it cuts down the iOS and Android binary size.

  • Use PNG Format instead of JPEG

Try experimenting with the image resolutions as well as formats. This helps you increase app performance.

Use PNG Format instead of JPEG
  • Image Caching

Image caching helps save copies of images on your phone’s memory. It helps images load faster.

2) Memory Issues

Another issue that is handled by even the top native app development company USA is memory leaks.
It is one of the major issues especially for the Android apps that are developed to React Native. This is because of the unwanted processes running in the background.

Native App Memory Leaks

You should trace out the memory leaks during your React Native development process. It can be identified using Code or Android Studio.

  • How to resolve memory leaks issues?

The most effective method practiced by most react native app development USA companies is by utilizing the following scrolling list

  • SectionList
  • FlatList
  • VirtualizedList in place of Listview.

The scrolling list also aids endless scroll pagination. It is crucial for react native app development that has multiple data points. The scrolling list also useful in case the app has a refresh option.

3) JSON Data Optimization

Any mobile applications needs to perform loading process for resources from distant services and links. Hence, a developer working on a React Native development project needs to create fetch requests so that the data can be collected via a specific remote server.

Irrespective of where you want to fetch data from (private/public API), the format in which data is obtained will be JSON format. The biggest mistake that most developers commit is using the same data received in JSON format. It is not a good practice as it reduces app performance. This is because JavaScript makes JSON slow.

  • How to resolve JSON Data issues

Before rendering make sure you change raw data in JSON format to plain objects.

4) Huge App Sizes

Mostly the top react native app development company USA utilize external libraries. When this practice is included within React native app development, it directly impacts the size of the application.
Now, resource optimization is required for cutting down the size of the application.

  • How to resolve the huge app size issues?

To cut down the size of the application, ProGuard can be used. It helps you build your application in different sizes. This will help create the app size ideal for devices with different designs. Make sure you also compress the images.
Also, transfer the components exiting on the native platform to your React Native platform. By cutting down the size of the application, you can cut down the burden on the bridge, thereby enhancing the speed of the app.

5) Frozen UI Issues

In case a prolonged operation takes place on the primary thread, it results in a frozen UI. It obstructs the rendering of UI threading. The issue makes the rendering of huge files, map data, custom animations, and raw JSON data even worse.

  • How to resolve Frozen UI issues?

To resolve this issue, the React native app development experts prevent running large objects over primary thread. Also, they prevent Object Finalizers.

6) Using Maps

In case the app includes the map feature, the features like dragging & navigation tend to become slow.
How to Resolve Issues Related to Using Maps in the App?

While working on map feature integration in the app, make sure you eliminate the console. This will not let it save any sort of data in XCode. Make sure you deactivate the – “auto-update” for the geographical regions.

React Native provides an excellent platform for both app developers and app development companies. So, in the React Native App development project, try to resolve the issues that reduce the load time of the app. For business owners, faster load time will gain potential customers.

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