The small tiny device empowering millions of applications is all in our pockets, isn’t it?

Of course, I’m talking about mobile devices. And the core functionality of these devices is to manage and run multiple applications or instances simultaneously that serve almost every unimaginable purpose.

Business from all over the world, offering a range of ridiculous products are making a shift from the physical world of handling products, leaflets or printing advertisements towards the mobile realm. And, now it’s time you should make a move to.

But, I know what you might be thinking now.

Our business is already driving good sales and we do not need a mobile app.

Well, that might certainly be the case in the past years. But, if you’re planning to thrive your business in the upcoming future years and want to start seeing the massive benefits, customizing the mobile app as per your business needs is all you need.

Not so easily convinced?

Let’s Have An Eye Over The Stats To Make The Things More Clear And Transparent.

  • In accordance with the statistics report, 85% of the business has made a shift towards custom mobile app development since 2015.
  • CDW’s recent survey speaks that business today are becoming more reliant on the customized app to assist in everyday operations and procedures which includes sales, service support, productivity and a lot more.
  • Statistics speak that nearly 74% of customer noticed a swift increase in productivity due to custom mobile app implementation and 81% reduction in inefficient tasks. And what’s more, almost 65% of customers saw a return of investments from their applications.

Okay! But How These Custom Mobile Apps Escalate Business Growth?

The above picture showcases various sectors and areas where mobile app development has blown the market.

Let’s find out how it drives more business growth and opportunities.

1. Increase in Productivity

Once your business is efficient enough, what’s next thing you’re longing for?

Increase in Productivity

Well, that’s nothing but the overall boost in business productivity. Statistics speak that custom mobile app development boosts business productivity by 41 – 45%. Such applications help you to boost business productivity and thus have control in an efficient manner.

2. Offers Mobility

As the application developed is business-centric, it offers all the crucial data and information related to your business within a few taps and thus, ensures mobility to a greater extent.

3. Cost Saving

Cost Saving

By developing your own custom mobile business app, you can not only have entire control over and manage business activities but also leads to a reduction in manpower. This indirectly leads to a good amount of cost reduction in the entire business budget and undoubtedly a better approach to expand the business.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Custom mobile app development services allow you to send personalized updates on your product and services in real time and help you to access the client’s feedback and thus increases customer satisfaction in a better manner.

So, this was all about how mobile apps create an impact in business to boost its revenue cycle.

How are you planning to leverage your mobile app to lead to more sales? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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