It is always a big dilemma when it comes to choosing between off the shelf software or developing a custom software for your company. Having a custom software is very important to allow the company to handle their day to day operations with utmost ease. The pros of having custom software for your company are as follows.

Tailor Made
The biggest pro for getting a custom application built is the fact that it is tailor-made for the company. Since it is tailor-made to the requirement the software has all the specifications that will be necessary and be a great fit for all of your needs.

Minimal Cost
To be clear the cost to develop a custom software is almost always going to be higher than buying a readymade software from the market but when you develop a custom software for your company it is made to your specific needs hence it saves a lot of time also you do not have to pay additional costs for licenses and other upgrades for your software. Thus in the long term, the cost of developing a custom-made software will save cost.

Technical Support
Another major benefit of getting a custom mobile application developed for your organization is the fact that you can always get technical support for the same. With over the shelf software, the technical support is dependent on the company you bought the software from and thus it can sometimes prove to be a huge problem. Since you have developed a custom application for your company the support team will have people who would have been involved in the development and hence have a better idea of all the problems.

Safety and Security
When it comes to security custom-made applications are always the choice. In over the shelf software, there is a chance of them getting hacked by external sources. The chances of that happening are not high but there are still chances of some malice happening. But when you have a custom built application it is harder for the hackers to break into as they do not have the complete understanding of how it was developed. With over the shelf software, hackers can have higher benefits as they can hack multiple companies using the same vulnerabilities. Custom software is less attractive to them as they require more time and the returns are not as high. Hence custom software is more secure.

Thus there are a lot of pros to develop custom software for your business instead of buying software already available in the market.