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Impact of Integrating Live Chat Features in a Mobile App

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In this modernized, fast-paced world we are living in, everyone wants quick answers to their question. Nobody has the patience to deal with hours or days before a question can be answered. After all, we are advancing in many aspects of our life, and technology has also given us the option to supposedly make everything fast and priligy canada buy anhhong-tdc.com easy.

That’s why one of the main priorities of a business, besides increasing their income, is to provide users or their customers the lasix omaf.it best service and support they can. With all the queries that users have, it is important to immediately provide answers. Hence a 24/7 support must be part of a business’s customer service.

Now you know providing 24/7 customer support is important. But there is also one thing your business must consider. When your business has its own app, live chat support must be integrated with it too.

What is A Live Chat Support Feature in An App?

Live chat support in an app is a feature that allows live or online communication between the customer and the company. This feature provides a 24/7 online chat support to customers, which means the goal of providing a great user experience is available even on a mobile phone.


Since there are almost 5.11 billion mobile users, it is essential to integrate a live chat feature on your business’s mobile app. In 2020, people are going to engage more and more in their mobile devices, and hence, it’s important to go along with the latest mobile app trends.

This feature will only strengthen your business’s relationship with your customers.

If you aren’t still convinced that a live chat feature for your business’s mobile app is beneficial, take a look at what you can get from it.

Having your own app for your business can bring you closer to your customers. It allows your users to experience your brand more intimately. Adding live chat support to your app will work wonders.

Benefits Of Integrating A Chat Support On Your Mobile App

  • Quick Customer Support

Do you know how long it takes to answer a customer’s inquiry via email? It takes 17 hours. In those 17 hours, you might lose a lot of customers you haven’t attended to. That’s why incorporating a live chat feature into your app will give quick answers, it could be as fast as less than a minute. The faster your mobile apps response is, the more satisfied your customers will be.

If you haven’t included an in-app mobile chat most of your users who are seeking assistance are redirected to a third-party app, another platform, or an external link. This method of customer support is not helpful for your business. Interrupting your customers by leading them to another channel could annoy them, and they will uninstall your app.

  • Improves Users’ Experience

Your customer is the reason your business thrives. Therefore, providing great customer service to satisfy the mail order amoxil needs of your users is beneficial. Providing a pleasant environment for your customers can help them become loyal to your brand. Also, your business might even be recommended to others.

Aside from providing 24/7 service to your users, using live chat in your mobile app will allow you to gather data from users. It tracks your customers’ shopping behavior, search history, and more. With this feature, you’ll be able to send personalized messages or shopping coupons that they would engage in.

Nowadays, people like personalized experience instead of the generic ads given to them. They want something valuable.

  • Aids in Marketing Your Business

Live chat in mobile apps helps businesses increase their profit. As mentioned above, live chat gathers data, and this can be used to provide personalized messages and promotions to customers. When customers or potential target engage in this, they could turn into loyal customers for your business. Hence, an increase in your business’s income.

  • Receive Positive Reviews

When people are looking for anything online, whether it be a product, an app, or a service, they always look for reviews first. Sometimes a single bad review can turn away a potential customer. That’s why providing a good service is the key to receive positive reviews.

If a business provides even the tiniest detail for their customer, they are more likely to receive a positive review. The more positive reviews you get for your business, the more likely people will prompt to subscribe to your app or purchase a product from you, whether for the first time or repeatedly.

  • Get Along with the Competition

80% of customers want an immediate response from their seller, but only 9% of companies use live chat to provide these customers’ needs.

While some businesses are behind with live chat support, it is time to get ahead of the game. Incorporate live chat for your mobile app to outrank your competitors. This will increase your company’s income, and customers will keep coming to you as you provide a more convenient service that they need.

  • Increase in the Conversion Rate

If you have a business, you definitely want to turn your visitors into paying customers. After all, your business is to generate income. If you want your visitors to turn into paying customers, you must provide them with what they are looking for.

If a customer’s query has been attended quickly, the decision to purchase a product will have a higher chance.

Therefore, using live chat will help your business increase its conversion rate than any means of satisfying your customers’ needs.

  • It Saves Time and Money

At first, hiring someone to answer calls of your customers is cheap, but in the long run, it may cost you a lot. Your potential customers might not end up purchasing a product because they were held up due to a shortage of manpower, or they weren’t satisfied with the answers they get.

However, integrating live chat on your business’s mobile app could help your brand grow. You could hire a resource or use software that specializes in live chat. Hence, you can save time and money.

It’s great to know that incorporating live chat support, although expensive at first, can give positive results for your business. It will increase your company’s profit, and your customers will trust your brand even more.

Live Chat Softwares

If you are ready to jump into integrating this live chat into your mobile application, here are some software you can use to help you with your needs.

  • Zendesk Chat: This software offers a free plan, but they also have paid plans with better features in it. Some features you might enjoy are easy back checking of messages, interact with customers in real-time, and increase sales.
  • LiveChat: Even though it doesn’t have a creative name for it to stand out, LiveChat has features that make it better from the rest. It has hundreds of apps to integrate with, it increases sales by providing a product to the customer when they ask for suggestions, and it saves time by implementing automated messages to greet your customers.
  • Olark: Like LiveChat, this software allows integration with other apps. It also allows users to customize their chatbox, receive real-time analytics or data of their customers, saves time with automated messages, and track your agents’ work or progress.
  • Drift: This software differs from others as it provides features such as booking of meetings, routing of bots to a salesperson, and it has an email feature that links customers to a salesperson.
  • PureChat: The free plan of PureChat has a lot of features to offer. It allows for unlimited chats, customizable widgets, and mobile apps. If you want to track your visitors’ behavior and uk online nolvadex purchasing pattern, it’s best to upgrade to their paid plans.

These are just a few of live chat software you can incorporate into your business’s website or your mobile app. Venturing into using live chat has many wonders already mentioned above. Now, it’s time to take a big step into growing your business and building wonderful customer experience.

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